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20th October is Purple!

If you have not already heard, or seen around twitter, facebook and tumblr (and various other places on the internet I’m sure) today, everything is turning purple. You may have even seen many people wearing purple today in the street. I do hope you have.


Today is a day of raising awareness. Today is Spirit Day. Today is the day where all of us who support the equal rights of all sexualities and want to fight against homophobia are standing up and making sure our voice is heard, along with so many others. There is no place for homophobia in today’s society, it is wrong and disgusting to treat people any differently because of their sexuality or gender preference – we are born this way! Unfortunately it is still so predominant all over the world. A tiny number of States in America have legalised gay marriage, something that is yet to happen in Britain (in my opinion, civil partnership is not enough progress. Why can’t they just make it marriage. That’s like saying ‘you can have things like us straight people, but not the same because your love is different’ which is wrong and silly). Although this is positive progress forward, we still have such a long way to go yet.


More and more things are coming to the media’s attention though, and on a national level more people are speaking up and protesting against this oppression, and I really do hope this carries on, because we need to stand up and fight for equal rights!


Many people have said “why only do it for one day?” or “how come this gets such special attention?”

Well, it’s not as if I only support equal rights today, it’s just if I did this every day, people would get sick of it and it would not have the same impact. By choosing ONE day to unite and speak out together, all us supporters have a much stronger voice. So maybe we won’t turn things around in one day, but it might be the start, it’s positive progress forward it is not? I think yes

Also, if you are going to complain that this day gets special attention and is unfair on all other people who suffer in the world, I’m sorry but if 7 suicides in what, 5 weeks, is not enough to show that something is seriously wrong, then you need to step back and have a serious reality check. It’s awful that it’s gotten this far, but at least something is being done, people are trying to make progress! Yes other people suffer in the world, and I’m not saying they are any less important, but this is clearly something that has had such an impact on so many people for it to cause such a stir.


So I implore you to wear purple or do something to show your support today, if you support equal rights for all sexualities. I certainly do, and I look forward to the day when this will happen.



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